A Twist In My Story

Memory Flash backs, writing this to feel better

Thoughts tinker with reality,

dying thoughts end the game of hide and go seek,

your ghost haunts me at night,

screaming into my pillow for you to leave me alone,

your charm enchants me,

binding me,

I am spell bound,

you close the blinds so I can go to bed,

choking  me to sleep

trying to break the silence,

tears seep down my face at a cross roads of dreams and memories,

your soft velvet laugh

and voice,

air gets thin,

lights go out,

all I hear is your voice,

if dying for you is my price,

I would,

die for you,

but in the end

truth will surface,

and I do not think you will like what you find out,


so eat up princess,

and welcome to the new world order

The End

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