A Troubled Past

It's a poem about how a guy's spirit is crushed by the world.

Get me out of this whirlwind,

It’s starting to make me feel dizzy.

I try calling for help,

But the line is always busy.


I reach out for a hand to grab,

But it pulls back when I get near,

Teasing me and taunting me,

Filling me up with hate and fear.


I try to fight back,

But that doesn’t help me either.

I struggle a lot, I kick and scream,

But help to me is neither.


I close my eyes, begin to pray

And wish it all goes away,

But wishes don’t come true,

They are just thoughts when you don’t have a say.


Then at last I give up the fight,

Acceptance dawns on me.

I just go along with the flow,

Defeated, I fall on my knee.


The wind stops blowing,

Everything is quiet again.

I feel life return to normal,

I learn to start living, with the pain.

The End

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