A tricky thing called Destiny

A quick poem to get the creative juices flowing!

The night was silent like a tomb,

As I was snug in deep thought's womb.
Just when it seemed no new things were to bloom
I saw the thing that passed over the moon.

Bright and round, larger than me
It said the words of Destiny:
"Come with me, come with me.
I'll help you escape; I'll help you be free...

If you can learn how to fly…but you don't have wings.
Too bad that's not what I have to bring."

So off it went, teasing and proud, leaving the moon to shine

Leaving me and my dreams behind without a clear design
Disappointment lingered for a very long time
But I knew that I'd be fine.

Who needs a thing called Destiny?
I thought to myself, trying to flee
From doubt inside, and other things
Even the Bell Of Truth that rings and rings.

Standing there brooding would not do much
I knew that there was work to be done
But limited here on this strange cold world, I am only one.
Then why not have some fun?

So maybe that's the meaning here.
Laugh, be joyful, don't fear what lies ahead
Be happy you're alive in mind and spirit,
and know that you'll never be truly dead

Yet yearning still gets the best of me.
Perhaps it's too early for humanity
For the wish for freedom by you and me.
Let's just endure until all can see.
That tricky thing called Destiny.


The End

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