A Trick of the Light

In a womb red room

Lights flash casting everything in a pink hue

Blinking and seeing my eyelashes extend towards you

Bridges connecting or blades cutting

You never seem to blink

I cup my eyes and you’re framed in my vision

You step into a spot light

And I sigh as rose shadows coat the walls

I lower my hands to my side and brush my fingers against yours


You wait, weighing my reaction

Somehow knowing I want to claim this moment

As my lips fasten on yours, the room turns black

And the light becomes dizzying reflections

My eyes close softly

And your eyes fasten tight

As the light spins on and on

Part of me feels like I could fall and I wouldn’t give a damn about writhing on the floor.


We kiss like breathing is irrelevant

I can feel myself exhale into your mouth and you pulling on the air.

Getting high on kisses or carbon dioxide

We pull apart too soon

But then again anytime would be too soon.

You put your fingers to your mouth as if your miming smoking a cigarette

I nod

We got to get out of this bubble

Shake some sense into each other

We are ready to submit to infatuation

And right know I can’t think of a reason not to.

But in the stark light of day I don’t want to be left staring at my own still shadow.

Seeing only my hands gathering up my taunt legs.

The End

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