A Tribute to Sword Art

Swords drawn, sabers up
What is this universe we've come to inhabit?
Where steel glints by the light of an artificial sun
Where men are measured by a level

We're all ones and zeros
just digits
but why do I feel so cold?
and how can I feel the warmth of your touch?

I live in fear of going red
I see red in my dreams
yet how can I dream here?
is it even real?

What's real anymore?
Where did we come from?
I can't remember...

But I remember your face
and your smile
please don't die here.

I don't want to die here.
I don't want to be forgotten.

Still I feel the cold
and I crave your warmth

Don't leave me behind
If you die, let's die together
Let's conquer our universe
until it becomes real

Don't let go of my hand
I don't want to fall

Believe in me
and I'll believe in you.

Let's move forward.
We'll become legends.

The End

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