A tribute to Michael Jackson

A tribute to the great musician himself who died today on the 26th june 2009. we will miss him.




What is life about?

Are we mere playthings to a God's will?

Are we alone in this world?

Or are we small specks of matter in the wide universe?

I think as I fall away,

The blackness swallowing me

here I go

goodbye to all I love

do not cry

i will always be here

I am going on an adventure

to free the stars and scatter the sunlight

so at night when you miss me

look at the sky and feel me in the wind

I am here,

as I have always been

my music will carry on in to the future

as it is in the present

I am in the hearts of the world

I am the one who breathes...

                                                      and lives on.

The End

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