A Tragic Revival

It's all about giving up on someone who has played games with your emotions

Where were you, so far away because you didn't want to talk

As if you even gave a damn at all

Identified for future happiness, that I was so afraid to express

And now my love, my fears were justified 


You preyed on what was left of me, and I'm too shattered to resist

I felt my heart and soul blitzed

A guardian that melts in the sun

The cycle kickstarted into tragic revival 

All so you can get your next fix and game of fun 


We spoke in hope for understanding, but this is beyond words

I hoped you could smile, maybe put down the burden of trauma

But darkened souls, never light up again, could never change


The masquerade of your false heart stays the same

I felt the breath from my lungs constricted

Pathetic attitude, you laughed as I was conflicted

I shouldn't have wasted my life on you 


Drinking away as if it's all my mistake

You loved others and shunned something productive

Surrendered yourself to the crooked and self-destructive


Why should I even shed tears, because I've wasted the best of my years on you

Why should I exist just for you, after all that you put me through



The End

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