A Time No More

There was a time, when storms would not cease

I could find no shelter, and I had no release.

It felt like there was nothing, nothing I could do

I could not walk around it, could not pass through.

It seems the only direction, the only path to take

Was leading to destruction, and into the Fiery Lake.

My future was uncertain, and I found myself alone

In unfamiliar territory, so many miles from home.

Trouble was all about me, all the light was gone

Weighed down by the fear, struggling to carry on.

Before I drowned in sorrow, before I broke apart

An angel reached out for me, and gently touched my heart.

The storms dried up in time, waters quelled the demon's fire

The sky was filled with saving light, and my heart with desire.

Fear fled the awakened grace, the spirit gained new sight

I have a reason to be lifted up, a source for untold might.

The inspiration for adventure, the muse for all my love

Is only a single ideal, which I place no other above.

The End

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