A thousand wishes to one desireMature

I wish I would die.

in all meanings of the sense.

I wish i would rot.

below,away from your presence.


I wish I could kill.

murder mixed with arson.

I wish you would burn.

burn in fiery descent.


I wish i could fly

then i would never set land

i wish i could kiss the sea

a better taste than your bitter lips


I wish you could  feel

feel the burden of my world

i wish you would strain

on the weight of my pain


I wish I was a demon.

marvelous to live without rules.

I wish i was God.

hold the gift of mercy in my hands.


I  wish i would forget

no longer a slave to my regrets

I wish u'll remember

being lost in lyric


I wish i could cry

faced  with flowing tears

cry for a hell's  year

if I meet  you  there


 and I desire,

 desire to be your all

















The End

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