From the Concept of Existence

You are not enough

In the vivid haze of my mind

Seeping through deep perception –

Facetious wisdom taunts me into the dark;

I am blind and your body is shapeless,

Each fingernail of yours is transparent –

Let alone the secret curves once on show,

Those now in retreat from certain synapses –

Towards the rolling faith of my mind.

It drips and deluges the debris I have come to see;

And now your face is a puddle on the floor,

Wax-less and waxed – that smile has waned

From the concept of existence;

You are simply a farce in previous expectations –

I break them with my iron glance,

Beyond the closed eyelashes, they hang heavy,

Filling a salty stream with slip petals.

They are not lightweight, snapped up pressure,

You’re precious in the counting-money sense,

Where daylight merely shutters newborn eyes.

Fly up, phoenix, fly: rejoin the molecules,

And convince me my memories have begun,

Even if beforehand, they were formed from delusions.

Remind me of your physical size –

My eyes are craving more than fancies;

Broken wholes reassemble themselves

But no mirage will be my accolade,

And no sign can point to revealing life.

Fragments of sky are not bright enough –

Pieces of you shatter on my body

As my mind is parting itself.

Hand to hand, and lips to teeth:

My declaration pours your second picture.

I clutch at the duller picture

Whilst my eyes carve themselves internally blind.

The End

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