Teach Me How To Dance

I want you to try, at least for a moment,
To remember how we were before
I flicked a switch just above my soul;
When did I change so very much?

That last moment like an essence,
A contemplation I somehow missed.
I forgot that 'darker days' meant more
Than a summer solstice turning.

Yes, I was lost when the winter came,
I did expect you to be where
You never could; around dusty
Trails of thoughts that were.

Snakes have tongues, and so, they said,
Do women who have been arranged.
I took to a new fantasy,
Relinquished suggestion subtly.

Yet I abandoned thinking backwards,
Extended a finger or two
To ask of a test, not a torture:
'I want you to try' - and you did.

Try to teach me how to dance, the routine
Too complicated once again; if you could,
Would you still set me into the spin,
Knowing what you keep remarking now?

Making me overdone is probably the best
Way out of my own mess; if only
I'd been that one of us to foresee
That I have been going in circles.
My entire life.

The End

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