Ode of a Justified Woman

Your charms quite disarm status quo,

For charms they are misleadingly,

Like down the rabbit hole here I go

To find your inner self bleeding me

Of all I’ve known in love and war;

Those towers built upon foundations false

Have stronger allegiance when down they tore

The other buildings not so coarse.

I see that what you lack is clear:

It’s difference but not self-sustained;

For what you dig deep is external fear,

That winter chill you act to tame,

Yet inside the gentleman of care,

I have unearthed a snarling duo,

A heart and mind that have no care,

A wonderland of status foe.

Indeed, you’ve tried to make remark

That it is I who’s out of mind,

As if I’ve never known the dark

To grow out of those men unkind.

Instead, the meek and modest fair,

With roses and a sweetened breath

Will learn with thorns, ashes to bear

Of her own palace robbed of breadth,

And those foundations well discarded,

By flame-tongue, worst than writhing snake,

Will deeper dig into men ill-hearted

To rid the world of not only this rake.

The End

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