Astral Etherealities

Daylight deities invisible in the watching light

Crown my crux with wishful kisses,

They solemnly proclaim of moonlight dreams

When those who have deceived

My eyes will bloom with a palette of promise.

My sirens and my Apollo-heralds imagine

What trails and tantalising psalms will sing out

When the clouds will part and knowledge

Swirls about the gaseous atmosphere.

That time is present with its feathered caress;

And my submerged stars reach their christening-

And neurones spark into their existence;

Glistening, ever promising to carry the light

Across their wings: that flowing starlight

Will emerge to grant a power-filled predicament

In such soft erasures of late hours,

For they do take away the harshness of the night,

Those astral etherealities and flaxen divinities

That rise to set another line of sprightly

Exuberance upon my canvas white of day.

The End

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