Eyes Meet Mine

Eyes meet mine,

Paired twice like the doves

Painted in elementary design,

One grey clarity, the other

Green at the connection

Of the other woman,

Arms branched in a subtle meeting

That wants nothing more than blue

Before the hollow pupils.

Certainly, blue as the heat-struck

Morning, dawning from revelations.

A sneer flies across

The mealtime distance,

Lingering on the tongues, delight,

A smear of misplaced wine

And desire, drips, tumbles to me.

As the sweeter caress from eye to eye

Savours the dance, the fractured

Glance, the tenderness flickers

Or a spark reignites.

I wish the light would fall again

On the angle of secrets

Provoked by ideal blue eyes.

Watching with a certain sparkle

That mirrors amber lights,

Threatening everything good about

The teasing lick of another taste

Where passive souls meet mine.

The End

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