Blue Flower

You can be my sky-blue;

Cast your cloak across

A colourless canvas creating

Waves, smokeless waiting.

In between the empty sounds,

Watch the flower rapidly

Open every thought towards

A sky dappled with harmless clouds.

Touch bloom! The gentleness in

A single caress of emeralds;

It feels like falling,

It is drifting slowly positive

Into the cumulonimbus.

Bird-feather lines are quills

And parchment is extravagant,

My soul extravagant.

Be my stratosphere-white

And take my comfort from within

The golden embrace, sunlit kisses.

The soft from soil, the wise

From the roaming creatures.

A flower breathes above the air,

Sustained by condensation

Hanging on the wind’s

Whispered winter melody.

There is no matter- no talk-

For the rosy shade of greatness

In the effortless ascent;

Everything here lying

Is a reflection of the cover,

Light and breezy, essence alone:

That blue flower dauntless dances,

Pasted amongst the picture,

Yet part of it entirely,

Pretty pale and pink, so youthful,

Be my florescent-light-

I’ll be your germinating azure.

The End

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