That Quest For Eternity

I’m on that quest for eternity,

For the single sweat drop frozen,

For the memory that cannot be captured

By their camera bulbs bright,

The idol held in our minds,

Preparing us together to fight.

I’m hunting for the purposeful,

For those who want to stay alive,

Men, women, and infants who survive

In our written tales, pens

Sweeping across the parchment-

Announcing those folk who have been

Oppressed by their paper-words,

Every fold revealing another crease,

Within which is tucked another lie.

Together we shall build the chariots

And ride into a sparkling sunset

Tucked in both cloud and starlight,

Where chance cannot catch our victory,

For we have all we need.

I’m on that quest for eternity,

That edge which shall always drive

Me down, brittle thoughts amongst

The stern confidence of their society.

Time without end, is it worth

All their troubles to carve into stone

Their names, achieving falsity

Whilst receiving the ticking minutes

Of a famous time-bomb,

Perpetually ready to destroy?

The End

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