So Be It: Amen

If every enterprise

I seek to renew,

And endeavour

That which,

By another hand,

Has been procured,

Let it be struck

Against me, raw

(The bitter tongue

Spouting words to

Curse a more fickle

Type of body),

Condemned to that which

Parasites do trust the most,

That eternal punishment;

If not-

And I am hoping

That the misery is in its

Self contained-

Then serving prayers

Shall be requested

From lips that know

The cursed kiss

Too well and good,

Requited in messages

I’ve stolen, scraped.

If every item

I attempt to craft

Is thrust back,

Upon themselves marked

By nothing more

Than the obvious

Dripping of sins,

And it is placed,

On my head adorned,

I must still the words

Repeat, in glory

Days, keep shaping them;

If all I know

Has tumbled to a fall,

An entire life


So be it.

And I say, with truth,

The written eyes


So be it:


The End

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