The Midnight Maiden

I swear I never saw a maiden

Cry as hard as on that summer eve,

It was so real,

So very clear:

Her tears were for the stars,

A blue-sky midnight

Fading into every growing

Darkness, darkness of night,

Where nothing led

Trails on and on;

There were no diamonds in that night,

And as she wept,

I knew the toll,

I knew her heart belonged to might.

For her threads of gold

Wove every tale,

As if her tongue were braided so,

She left a poet long,

Long in the midnight ago,

To face her fortune sewn

In a fading vista, chancing in the sun;

To save the land from perishing,

To cast away the

Spite and terror,

She had to take the devious past,

But in that night- I knew it not won.

So what became of

Triumph there,

When all our planets spun to end?

The maiden cried

New tears,

Amber-filled and dancing down,

Glazing night’s halls

Once more with light,

She took her path,

She seized her flight.

The lady’s diamonds dripped in a row,

The midnight hour full

From one single devotion.

For she knew her task ahead,

A sacrifice too hard to say:

Her burden in defeat was bearing up

A thousand thoughts of all the loss,

So there she stands, hand

In hand with darkness,

Her fate to seal the end

Of evil with her inward sun,

A little ray revealing so,

That star,

A dewdrop in the fold,

Now her lighted palm.

The End

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