Don’t wander any more through darkness,

Where your head touches a barrier of shame;

The deepest light, in hidden cells,

Will escort you to another end, with a glide.


Don’t bend your knees as you walk,

Where that topmast touches your last;

The nicest of humanity can awake that joy,

And no longer should you stand alone.


Don’t hide your pretty face when you are smiling,

As if there is an obstruction to your deeds;

See that other side, kindness in spite,

That’s where is placed eternal light.


Don’t be afraid to laugh when you talk now…

To us your glory remains, however little.

Brighten yourself without paint or sinner’s touch,

To make yourself shining with other love.


Don’t be afraid to laugh when you talk now,

Don’t cast away anything you’ve loved,

All hopes and dreams shall now be built,

In the forever of a moment’s gain.

The End

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