Attachment, An Island

Clinging to our rock of justice,

As it continues thrashing;

Life keeps beating

As we call,

In the silence of a whisper,

The hollow of everything said,

And only your name,

A conjuration,

Remains in that distance,

Spelling a significance

With its sense,

Despite the tolling lack

Of all I know:

No boat to fetch me now.

In a heartbeat,

It’s rushing over me,

Like a wave of cyan

Ocean, human emotion

Going blue when all the power,

All the drug, is gone,

Your feelings too high

For the effervescing sky to touch

Upon the mystique

(Where charisma will not do),

A watery inferno

Where we touch,

Not with hearts, but with

Our slipping words,

And spirit of expression;

Racing through power,

Against the flow-

With our own-

We must push on,

Moving seas with our breath,

Vessels that fall upon

That truth, soaking up

What secure bases we find

In the depths, tranquil depths

That last not longer

Than a second of wishing

For your cry to be repeated;

When there’s no ice,

The bond is tighter,

Contradiction becoming lighter.

The fingertips that hands fall

From eyes that are only seeing

What they wish,

Those curls of devotion,

Swept along,

Thrown against all rocks,

Still conceding,

Not to the winter storm

That casts without breaking,

Deceiving instruments

In a sweep of suggestion,

Lands without seeing;

All bridges are shores

To where we stumble,

Linking to minds with one completion.

The End

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