Teardrop Regards

(See my photograph that inspired the first stanza on my DeviantART here: http://goldenearthangel.deviantart.com/#/d4w0rp4 )

There are so many memories that must be withheld,

And things that we need, but cannot tell,

In all of the heartbreak in all of the world,

My teardrop regards are thus unfurled:


Remembering those memories

That never took a minute to please-

That’s simply because they lived without me,

Another frozen regard frieze.


In pensive rhymes I try to take

What little I have crafted, not mislaid,

They, all of them, have repaid

The trouble I still cast, to this day;


So memories are little and gone,

When I remember whom I’ve wronged,

Little tears don’t play memories along,

When regards are sent to Earth through song.

The End

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