The Words Are Formulaic

‘Ignorance is bliss’,

The words are formulaic,

Bearing, burning;

All I've tried to fight,

And cannot fight,

Is written on my face,

Pure fear

Of losing everything I've known-

Yet with a knowledge,

It's too clear I've lost,

And in that silence I revel,

When I deny the truth.


Ignorance is bliss,

And every love,

Every single trial,

Reflects my heartbreak,


Clicking nails,

Tapping feet.

To be told what I am running from,

Is it better- or worse-

Than fearing what I haven't,

Those somethings I chose

Not to know?


Ignorance is bliss,

Where change is daggers,

Change is heartless,

Like the men adorning my life,

The pleasure has no spark,

Their pleasures hollow,


Avoiding truths,

Like counting black-spots,

A petty girl,

Who looked for too much,

Now has found herself

Nothing. That is

If she opens her eyes.

Contrary, she can be still,

For ignorance is bliss.

The End

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