Your movement fluid,

And mine too,

Creating a journey,

The mirror images twisted together,

Images through the mirror,

Like palms interacting,

And footfalls chiming

All the right notes

As they speed around,



Two parts, mechanical,

Yet moving with

Feeling, human feeling,

Two hearts that cannot be alone,

Two parts that must be sewn,


Their beating,

Rapid, full of time,

The melody of silence,

Fills our air;

Two voices mimics,

Two mimics' cries whole,

An individual of time, a being

Eminent and immanent,

Away from convention,

Straight lines and rhymes

In our dancing sides.


Listen to the chorus

Of infinity

Being placed in this surround,

Where fear is dull,

And cold is warmed,

By not miracles,

But patterns sliding into focus,

A lens that sees the true

Shapes as the picture

Is completed.


I want to remain

In your total warmth;

My glue is your saliva,

Softly tucked into my spirit,

Where we can no longer

Sense the change of time,

Just the rhythm we create,

Our thoughts mingling,

Our blood in

Two streams one.


There is our mind,

It is pumping,

Inducement and excitement,

Everything we ever needed

Coming together,


Our image anew.

When your body touches mine,

Love is priceless,

Love is golder than a

Sunset surfacing for the philosophy;

Love is better than the Good,

When it can mend the worlds,

Putting half

And half together,


The End

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