Through my clouds,

Are diamonds,

Eyes of diamonds,

Harder and harder to resist,

Crystalline masculinity,

Collected for the sweetness;

Rarer beasts I've bottled,

None gave me that desire,

Where attraction,

Facetted, delightful, sharp,

So very shining,

Gives no relief,

Smouldering inside those

Furnaces of ice-hard,

Impassioned rock,

Imperiously rising,

Against which we're fighting;

A closing passageway,

On closing the Passage,

Scripture is done,

And bejewelled

By your hands,

Rough and tumbling,

Cliff-face overruling;

Our way ahead,

Hard, dust-lines tracing

Aching pinpoints,

Places where I cut

My hands

Upon the edge,

Its intensity deeper

Than we ever thought before;

Yet through the night-walk

Are diamonds twinkling,

Lighting the facade,

And raise me up

Above the sky,

Still, where they hide,

Eyes of diamond...

The End

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