One Heterotelic Thought

A ‘give and take’

Share of life,

Envisagement of sixties’ heroes,

Glamour across the face of time,

Always coming back

To an already-overdone


In our lives

We opt for obsession.

Passive interest is not

To touch, frustration

Building with interest, building,

Whilst fractured emotions

We keep building,

A path, no end;

A raft, still sinking.

In between falling


Are ones made to hang

The opposites of

Want and lust

Upon the façade,

Slowly shaping:

A life to be lived,

In a figure of fear,

A false predictor,

Oracle sitting in rubble,

Where she declared a


In the least personified,

The most helpless child,

Considerate not to past,

Wisdom or such Teachings.

‘Fight or flight’ they said,

The burden,

The knife to be held

Inwards or out?

Because of disgrace,

Mossing disgrace.

There must be that

Attempt to make

My love for Him


Not just for the carnal passion

Of the other;

The body vicious,

The mind unwound,

The snake itself

Climbing ever more

Up the chapel walls,

A liar for more fruit

And beauty,


It’s ‘share and

Share alike’.

And when it’s climbing,

I watch with


Upon my edifice is lust,

No sanctity but shame


Created my temple,

It split my home.

Hearted with a poison

Soul, spindled, burning,

Lively still;

When Sin is more recurrent,


In the dreams

I’ve built

With both men, divided,

My alterations have been


They’re patched up

With Him,

In the state of things,


My temple forever


The End

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