Watching Star

Guide me from afar,

Oh, watching star,

A millions pieces of my heart

In yours, wrapped up safely tight,

Whilst in the darkness of the night

You hang, you hold me

Through the thousand tearing raindrops,

Sobbing over better hearts stopped,

Yours, not mine indeed;

So you keep our words bright,

When I am lost in the midnight

Deep amongst the trailing Word,

Not promises spared,

There’s gleaming up ahead,

Your incorporeal masses

Lingering in my sight,

Forever I believe delight,

Despite the dirty tricks of my mind;

Were we ahead,

My silence having been shed,

A clearing sky is true,

Where from begins your flight,

To my continued plight,

What childhood whispers

Tell you what I’d seen,

Your memories supreme;

There it is as truth is sightless:

Were we siblings tonight,

For you, my dear, I too would fight.

The End

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