I Know You

In harmony, I see you,

Enlightened at the edge of time,

Standing against a sea of truth,

The epicentre of the brightest star,

As the motions pulse their way;

When our route is blocked,

When the rhythms cease to flow,

Unsteady beating in one breath,

Whispers soft and moaning low,

Where knowledge crackles like a gasp

Of mist- in eyes I’ve seen it too:

Disappointment, sighing grey skies,

Wary of the anger, fury,

Dilapidation of such actions,

Frantically fading, lost

Amongst the blue of sky and sea;

A compromise- if one could be met-

Without the bobbery, waves,

A boat upon the place is left

To and fro, to and fro,

Like that depth of silence,

Too much from nature to bear,

As a moonlit sky grows

Darker above our mentality,

No mutual beach to save upon,

No lying touch to savour.

In this dissonance,

Your critical rejection,

In your light you bask,

Whilst disparate pain, despairing me,

Is sheltered in the sin,

Protected by the ignorance;

What shadow does the ghost

Between us make!

Words unsaid are words of dread,

Parasites in me deceiving;

Where the pleasured taste

Always dripping down from

Ephemera physicalities, internal greed,

That lack of moralities,

When ‘ought’ becomes an ‘is’-

And ‘didn’t know’ symbols truth,

The only excuse for such ignorance

That lingered on my hands, my teeth.

Yet, the seasons change,

My steady soul hums along the way,

Where here the skies clear,

At the edge, the clouds disappear,

Harmony returns again,

Is set right in my flower-mood;

The trusted compromise of we two,

Folds back into that unknown,

Such a banging of two persons,

Riddled with extraneous variables,

Whilst the mindset beats,

Pulses, squirms under one blood;

The flesh beneath our teeth is rough,

Softened only by decision,

The point I carve into making:

What is there in our elision?

When I know ‘are’ and I know ‘do’,

I haven’t seen the edge of you,

I haven’t reached upon the shine,

The mindset-building still to come;

What I know, I treasure,

More than leisure, more than such paper-gold,

I cast away;

I just cannot have omniscience,

I still don’t know you in this place.

The End

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