Through A Glass, Darkly

Glimpses of the picturesque,

Through a glass, darkly,

In that reflection of our childhoods,

Infancy that once led to lies,

And with our eyes

Only half open,

We wander around the obvious,

See the truth in refraction,

Where before it would

Not have mattered;

In youth, appearances deceived,

In youth, silence accepted.

Now, mere shards of pain,

A broken insight of what was

Us and our decision,

When we fought against devotion,

Are echoing ripples throughout

This state of newer minds.

All time has an end,

Yet waiting, wanting without prevail

Is maddening.

Pray, lift up the veil

That obscures the judgment,

Revealing more than what,

Through a glass, darkly,

We’ve always seen as gospel,

Against a flow of truth,

Justice, and acting

As is expected;

You and I,


Know it is time to peel away

Every piece of deceit-paint,

To act as is expected,

Respecting to what is believed,

To act as we should-

And look ahead, not see.

The End

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