Waery Traveller

Oh, waery traveller,

Who abideth by the rules and lines

Of the waery traveller,

Divided by the hills and vines

Of an archaic society,

Well lost in the now-time

As your march lies along the apartheid,

The separation familiarised

Into a life so undersized,

Traveller of eyes of night,

You need a hand for climbing out;

A broken dome, no place

To walk along, the glass you brave

Will be erased, just like the end

You seek alone within the sun,

A journey’s end,

A traveller’s won;

Oh, traveller, so waery-foot’d,

The lies you take need no bases,

To walk in midst of all such places,

Your head must be rested soon,

You need to follow all you see,

Whilst underneath the dewy moon,

A higher realm you can believe,

Traveller, your home is nigh,

When you take it upon yourself,

Your memories spring best delights,

Taken from what steady health

You have from the begin’ ‘til now,

My friend, I see the end somehow;

Oh, waery traveller,

Take your time,

Oh, waery traveller,

Make up your mind,

When it is bent in two by loss,

By the path you wish to leave,

Your home will never be forgot,

You surely must only believe.

The End

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