Between Two

Softly spoken, you hide

In the darkness of my mind,

Amongst the rope and thistle-bind,

Whilst I leave my rules to abide.


Likewise, I have seen blackened down,

Tar across a canvas blue,

A world of midnight to pave through,

Rising water in which I’ll drown;


If it is you who dares to play

Your filthy tricks upon my sight-

And sound- patterns of fives a bright

Row laid out amongst the maths of day,


Harsh hailstones are hands to help,

Nothing feels better than hindrance,

Feasting upon my dying vengeance,

It is no light you seek in my self.


Little do I believe in control

Of rules simpler than fate;

The evil has taught me not to take

An image in lieu of the role


Of truth, so you with your bitter words,

A crown aplaced in a cell,

When what could be a pleasant shell,

A mere case to the inside thirds:


Heart, mind, soul, the vital, brave,

So do not try your twisted games,

When I feel my sense remains,

Its power here I can but save.


Amber embers pour to the clouds,

Silver tips, mistaken, fade,

Like your changing winds age,

The zephyr sky is filled with doubt,


For I know what to conquer is like,

The taste of subtle freedom

Of the everyday, when pain is done,

And your voice is just the night


Before the storm, lying in wait,

Despite optimistic whispers I say,

Determined blocks form away

From the sense I know, like bait;


Reading you whilst becoming me

Cannot be anything but untouched,

When the ocean floods too much,

I must let sea be the sea.


All in all, when you are done,

There is just another day

For me to run about and slay

Your demons, my cause for all the fun.

The End

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