Carnal Chemicals

Call me one of cowards,

The one who tries, assumes

That it is my inner sense

Who has always been for you;

No victim to powdered lust,

Or desirous behold,

Nor whatever passioned skin

You have of always told.

I believe not

In the taste of the flesh,

As rumoured by

Those disgracers left;

In filth’s place, I can see,

My third eye revealing,

Divinity as best,

Breaks away from concealing

Such secrets that have slipped

From my devious lips

In times when I have blinded,

Love clinging to my fingertips,

In senselessness

And sensitivity,

Trying to reach out

To a sight only seen by me.

Your doubting aside,

The truth is as plain

As my syllables that form

In the midnight of your name,

Yet what stands out,

Undisputed by some,

Dares to lie hidden

In the depths of your tongue;

Not with dissuited eyes

I beg for your audience,

Forgetting surreal surprise,

I aim to remove the past tense.

No carnal cares have I

When gazing into souls;

No spark of acid, chemicals,

I simply base my heart in goals.

The End

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