Pathetic Fallacy

A performer on the land,

I’ll collect the rain in my hands,

Hoping your methods will move me,

So my heart will set you free,


Throughout the trouble that we’ve caused,

Through the anguish and the force

Of love herself when she blows;

With the rumours, she shows


That we cannot try,

We cannot even describe

The feelings that do haunt us,

Whether be love or just lust,


For our secret pours deep down,

I creep without a sound,

To battle against what must never

Be known as more than just the weather;


Whilst being the rainbow of smiles,

Having travelled for so many miles,

It envelops the darkness that has me,

I’m understood to be so free,


As there’s that one thing that changes,

In my house that ne’er rearranges:

It’s the ups and the downs,

When the moon makes its frowns,


I can see once again

A chance for a tender friend,

Against all that has been done,

I’ll still fight for the sun,


As a performer on land,

Needs a man to take her hand;

Completed in the show, 

She needs not now to be let go.

The End

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