A Ten Year Old's RevengeMature

For D.H

Six years is half my life and I've been 

Missing parts of my mind since i was ten

I've been asking these strangers If they had seen 

Pieces I left on the concrete back then. 

Six years is half my life and I may

have given the rest of my sanity to a well known cause

When I think of it there hasn't been a day

Where I haven't thrown fragments from my closed doors

In these six years I grew taller in height 

And louder and bolder and cruel 

I'm pretty sure I'd beat you in a fight

If you'd tried now what you did to me in junior school

Six years should mean that you've changed too 

But you still look and sound just the same

Which means I feel just the same about you

And you only have yourself to blame

So tomorrow when the sun rises 

I'll step from my tall solid door

Because I know for you there will be some surprises 

When you see how I'm a little bit more

Than the little girl at the back of the class

Who still thought the world of you 

When you shattered her tiny heart like cheap nasty glass

And gave it back to her, broken in more than two

So I'm going to show you, that six years ago 

I was someone easy to trust and walk onto 

Because standing here is a person, you don't know

But she sure as hell, knows you.  


The End

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