A Teenager's Ode

At last I can say that I’m an adult

To no higher authority need I ever consult.

All the wonders that await me I’m eager to meet

A grand milestone – like when I could finally cross the street.

But now I’ll have a car that will take me places

Seeing all the sights and meeting all new faces.

Perhaps one of them will have the key to my heart,

For I’ve come to know what love is; many times I’ve taken part,

Though its brother, heartbreak, has been my closer friend.

But I’ve grown and matured and know more of true love since then.

I’ll be sure to get a job, and I’ll be sure to make it fun

For any path I choose shall never be a mundane one.

And all the money I’ll earn that I can spend on nice things

Like clothes and books and food – so elated are my purse strings.

I’m ready for the tasks and responsibilities – to those I am no stranger

For when it comes to stress in life, I laugh in the face of danger.

The ups I know will far outnumber the downs

Because life makes sure to overstock on smiles and raincheck all the frowns.


To the new Life awaiting me with the addition of this year

I’m prepared and ready for You without the littlest hint of fear.

But I have one last question before I embark upon a new Dawn,

Mom, are my tater tots done yet? Spongebob’s almost on!


The End

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