A talk with me

I already see the poison running through your veins.

I know I love you, I know I need you, I know I must be strong.

I know your heart has changed, I envision you loving once again

Allowing a person to get close, and not keep them at a distance. I one day imagine a genuine smile, not a forced grin. 

"Do you love me?" You once asked. But you no longer know what that question means, you now ask what is the signficance and the price you have to pay to feel it? What does it mean when your own parents won't say it?

You're older now though, and no longer need to know. You no longer have to show that delightful affection. You don't have to explain the aches and pains you felt when you were alone shedding tears, screaming and have no one near that could hear.  No one would come.

"You have to talk" she says, but there is nothing to talk about.

The End

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