a suit of armour composed of cotton

it's not really cotton.

i have a suit of armour

i hide it in my closet

waiting for fall to come

so that i won't freeze to death.

my suit of armour
is a brown leather jacket.

it's fraying a bit about the cuffs,
and has rainbow stitching,
but it's sturdy.

when i wear it with
combat boots and
cargo pants,
people look at me differently.

not as much as
they look at my friend,
(who wears short skirts and 
cropped tops)
but still.

my leather jacket
is my suit of armour.

it protects me from the wind,
and it makes me feel safe.

and when fall ends,
i take it back to its place 
in my closet,
and burrow back into 
my sweaters.

The End

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