A Story

A narrative poem about two kingdoms, their friendship, love and hardships.

Let me tell you a story

Of a battle, which was painful and gory

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms

Where people lived merrily and every fruit ripened plum

No war raged among them,

No entry for each other was banned

Sun shone brightly each day

The wind chirped, as if to say

"That nothing would ever disrupt this peace

That any hatred for one other would cease"

But that was ere the king was chosen

Of the kingdom, in which no sorrow was frozen

He was a person of cold heart

For whom the night would end with rum,

and with rum the day would start

And anything that richened the two kingdom's friendship

Was taken through a series of hardship

Slowly the love among the two kingdoms withered

For people, this cruelty of the king was a lesson to be learned

The king of the other kingdom was tensed

He knew his fellow king was in a heartless trance

That he will go to any extent

To end this thread of kindness

So the king of the other kingdom ordered

"Stop ho! This pleasantry with them,

which now did not mattered"

The cruel king was enraged

With this rudeness of the other king, which he dared

He at once ended all the companionship

With the other kingdom and no word of kindness came upon his lips

An army was at once prepared

And anyone who opposed, was taken cared

And so the war began

Everyone fought, who was a man

There was blood and blood everywhere

And pain? Pain so much, that none could bear

And yet the cruel king kept on raging

It felt as if his mind was in a mad frenzy

And so days went by

Wind whistled over the battlefield as if to cry

"Where OH! That love between people has gone

Why has this friendship been torn?"

Days went by, months flew hurriedly

And where there used to be two beautiful kingdoms, now remained

a barren land, with two foes who were deadly

One day, an old woman came to cruel king's court

Even though her face was wrinkled, she looked like a tough sort

She told him, she had a prophecy to be declared

That beyond the kingdom, in the old forest, lay a dragon's lair

Whoever will possess the treasures of it,

would forever remain the throne's heir

The cruel king's eyes gleamed with lust

He ordered the troops to accompany him, for he must

acquire the wealth, which for him awaits

Surely he was a man with lucky fate

But the old woman shook her head

It was her job to lead,

The royal king into the dragon's nest

The cruel king was skeptic and hushed the old woman

Oh! Who was she, but an old hag

But she was yet not done

And told him that he had one last thing to learn,

That the dragon was mighty and strong

And that journey will be harsh and long

He need to have a heart of a warrior

Or else, he would only be remembered in old wives' songs

Saying this, she took his leave

Leaving his mind in a state of creep

Yet, the cruel king's mind was made

He wanted the treasure, no matter how many lives he had to trade

He took his most trusted soldiers and men

And set onto his journey towards the dragon's den

The kingdom was quiet, not a word was uttered

And the subjects could not do anything but to wait for his return

Months went by, no sign of his being was heard

People were curious but their heart was full of mirth

When a year was gone, and the cruel king did not come

The other kingdom's king sent some

Ministers from his court to choose a new king

So that the kingdom would once again know,

what it felt like to hear the bliss ring

A new king was chosen, who was a man of goodwill

Who restored the friendship and never again was a man killed

No one knew where the cruel king went

But worry not lads, not a single soul did lament

For once again the kingdoms were reunited

And love was chosen from hate 'stead

So now, let me again tell you all a story,

Of the peace between the two kingdoms,

which led them to their highest glory....

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The End

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