A Sonnet of Love Divided

This was an assignment in my junior year's Honor's British Literature class, we were to write a sonnet in the style of Shakespeare's preference, Iambic Pentameter. If you didn't know what Iambic Pentameter is, it means you have a meter of five Iambic Feet. An Iambic foot is one subtle syllable followed by a heavy one. Ex: da DUM
so an Iambic Pentameter, would have ten syllables,
da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM. So it sort of reads like you're singing. Fortunately, just because its Iambic

As I slept in the night’s sweet, gentle breeze,
My heart forged lies to bring my mind to peace
And you were that wind blowing through the trees,
For I wept when the gust began to cease.

I once said no sea or range could balk me,
From once again looking into your eyes.
And now I view what all blind men can see.
And hate what the happ’est man may despise.

You’ve built a range so high, a sea so deep,
For causes I could not have given you.
And I know it pains us both in our sleep,
That you said we’d not love while doves still coo.

But I recall how our love was back then,
I think of you and those winds blow again.

The End

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