A Sonnet About Grief and Regret

I was feeling rather depressed one day and this just kind of happened. It's about a man who regrets not being the best man he could be to the woman he loves. Enjoy.

I stand within my grief a broken man

My love is gone, and with her went my heart

Never so much have I longed for her hand

I love her more and more when we're apart


Of course we can't force feeling on our own

And now I'm left to wish that I'd been wise

I love her so, if only she had known

I wish she'd see my love, but from my eyes


We realize what we have, but far too late

I missed my chance and now I'm left to deal

My heart is aching, filled with loving weight

If only she felt the same way I feel


Just one more time I want her in my arms

But fate, we know, is written in the stars.

The End

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