The Other Side of the Coin

The glass was shattered
Fragments upon fragments lying
in shambles across the marble floors
The blood dripped profusely from my hand
But the only pain I felt was in the tears I was shedding
And my ripped apart heart

Uncaged only to be backstabbed by the one who freed it
To have a knife dug into a healed wing the moment of flight
My stomach convulsed
as the nausea rose
Pain darting down into my knees as I fell
against the walls of a broken conscious

Hating the truth
Craving the lie

Why me?
I've stared into this frame for hours
Painting myself to be your perfect portrait
And you call me your masterpiece
And hold me
Caress me
And I fall victim to the whispers
And I let my shield down
Letting you take its place

And when I finally let my insecurities show
When I finally get up the courage to
show the blemishes in my art
the missed brush strokes
the wet parts of the painting

Your eyes turn dark
Your smile turns sinister

Because you know I can't escape

The End

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