One Side of the Coin

One situation

Two perspectives

The glass was shattered
Fragments upon fragments lying
in shambles across the wooden floors
The blood dripped profusely from my hand
But the only pain I felt was in the tears I was shedding
And my ripped apart heart

I visualized the tears that escaped her
And they pierced every vein in my body
My ribs collapsed around my lungs
and my acidic eyes burned themselves on the image before me

What had I done?
Who was the fiend that intruded my reflection?
Who was it that hurt her?

It couldn't have been me
It never could have been me
This must be a nightmare

But I can't wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Please wake up

Why won't I wake up

This was not me who committed this betrayal
I would never lie to you

So why did I?

The End

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