A Soldier's Last Goodbye

She came home from the hospital,
that little baby wrapped tight in her arms
her own little bundle of joy and hope,
the only one that she could love, with her
husband already gone to live with God above
it was surely a force to be reckoned with,
a mother's love for her only son

days and months flew by
and soon turned into years
on the day of his graduation,
her face was streaked with tears

a few months later it felt
like fear had stopped her heart
tears of another kind streaked her face
as her son turned to her to say:

Mama I want to be a Marine
I know its what my daddy
would have wanted me to be
I want to be on the front lines
day and night, and I may get some
rest now and then because I'll know
you're safe and sound here at home,
each and every night, Mama please don't cry
I promise you now every day I will write

months went by with a letter every day
but there was still that emptiness
filling up her heart, but she smiled anyways
because no matter what he always made
time to write, and in each and every letter
he made sure to say: I love you, and Mama,
please don't worry 'cause I'm doing okay

then a few days passed but no letters came
when the first one did, it was dusted with pain
even though he didn't say it, it was just as plain
as the same old words that he wrote on the page:
I love you, and Mama please don't worry 'cause
I promise you that I'm doing okay

months went by and not a single letter came
she sat each day, waiting for the phone to ring
in her heart she already knew that she had lost
her marine, but she kept pushing on hoping that
some day a letter would come

Then one day she heard a knock on the door
when she looked out the window she saw the uniform
she knew the day she had dreaded had finally come

he saluted her and then shook her hand, and bowed his head
as he placed the blood stained tags in the palm of her hand
he reached out and gave her a letter,
the envelope was coated with dust and blood
she didn't need to open it to know what it was
But still she broke the seal, and tears streamed from her eyes
as she read her son's goodbye letter, line by line

Dear Mama, I'm not gonna lie and say that everything
is going just fine. It's hell out here, living on the front lines
bombs and guns going off both day and night, but
I guess this is what you get when you live a soldier's life
Mama if you're reading this, please don't cry
I'll be back home in little while, though it won't be
the way you wanted things to be. Mama I want you
to be proud of me, your little baby boy
died as a proud Marine. Say a prayer for my soul
Mama, I'm going home, but I just wanted to take the time
to say that I love you, but I'm not doing fine,
Mama this is my final goodbye.

The End

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