A slow beat...

Falling away from you,

A slow and steady decline.

I felt your voice coil around.

The drum in my ears is pounding.

But my heart only taps in recognition.

 Ear worm a litany.

 The more it’s spoken the less signicance it holds.

 But…oh god how I love you!

 I do…

But there’s not enough of the fundamentals…

 I don’t trust myself and I can’t extend any to you.

 And you, you resent me for it more and more each day.

 You hate me for the way I flinch away,

 And you hate me more when I stand there stoic.


And you…don’t want to wait.

You just don’t want to wait for that seismic shift.

The ground only shakes when I’m startled,

And then you step back.

I’m sorry again, I’m always sorry

And I’m sorry.

I wanted to be near you more then I wanted to be fixed.

Now I only want both.

But like so many things in life I’m afraid this is going to end up as a trade off

No come and see me when you’re right in the head…



You say you love me,

I’m not asking for prove it.

Using an ultimatum as a leash.

But I don’t think we are too far gone.

I don’t want to suppose that we are too far gone.

I’d miss you if we were dead.

I would hate me if we were dead.

And I don’t want to evoke your pity

I just want you in the way it really is

Despite how it really is…

Is it just like us too many god damn qualifiers.

But I think you still want to stay.

You’re here as I ramble

As I crumble.

Beg like the fool I said I’d never be.


Now speak!

Shout over me!

Tell me how it all has to be…


Give me your conditions…

For god’s sake don’t let us keep drifting away.

Tell me…your silence is killing me.

Your eyes unfocused and your body too lose.

You 're not even muttering to the dirt.

Please don’t die and leave me here with all of this.

Take me with you…take this with you.

Don’t let it die.

The End

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