A slaves point of view

Written for 7th grade Global Studies class project on slave trade routes in western Africa.
Prompt 'Imagine being a person who is captured and sold into slavery'

The boat ride was the longest time

That I had ever been away from home.

It had been days without reprieve.


There was no food,

There was no water,

And there was no where for the sick to go.


People around me,

Some friends and neighbors,

Other strangers.


Everyone crying out,

Asking for help,

Even the smallest amount.


No help ever came,

Around us people passed away,

And the loudest, taken away.


The chains dig into our flesh,

The pinch of the metal

Unfamiliar and frightening.


Now days

We have no promises

Of what tomorrow will bring.


Bad luck will surround our lives,

Because our lives,

Are our capture.

The End

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