A Slave's Capture ( from the POV of the person capturing)

Written for my 7th grade Global Studies class project on slavery and slave trade routes in Western Africa. Prompt ' Imagine being a person involved in buying, selling, or transporting slaves. What would it be like?'
Sorry if the prompt or poem offend you, just trying to be true to what I think the viewpoint could be like.

 I was recruited for my strength,

My skill,

My knack for attack.


I was not as interested in the job,

As I was the pay.

Sometimes, a job just needs done.


At first the consequences of what I did

Sickened me,

Did they not have families, too?


The others jeered at me,

Called me a

‘Animal Sympathizer’


Eventually I stopped speaking out,

And instead imagined the people

As the others painted them.


I imagined the people I captured

Had hurt others,

Were not civilized.


I did what I did,

Because sometimes,

A job just needs done.


The End

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