A Slave To History

It's about how beliefs can be corrupted and manipulated to become a weapon

Hypnotised and compacted into crumbling churches

They feel the void because they feel it hurt

Sharpened words, meanings distorted over centuries

Someday the shackles of a tyrant will fade with history


I know the forked tongues scramble in urgency to reverse

Committing war crimes for a god who refuses to listen

Held down and dragged to hell for a lie

Because no one knows, what happens after we die


I'm safe from the consequences, I found the way from sin

But another light of the truth burns you deep within

What if we decease and there's no release

What if it's only that we're afraid of the dark


The after life is all yours

But I can take no chances with mine

Pain and suffering in this world, not the next

We're certain of nothing in these times


You've condemned yourself to fire, sinner

Because in the deep there are only victims, no winners

The glory of the unseen is far above what you know

And there's only one direction that both of us can go


Repent, feel the divine

Feel the wisdom lay waste to a toxic mind

Taste the bitter fruits of a rotten vine

Feel the devil approach, soul screaming deep inside


Eternal fires, the crack of whips and the driving of slavery

All for shady kings and false gods to endear and thrive

The force of the unseen bought to bear against the outside

The devil in disguise, with many masks to endure, to survive




The End

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