A Sky Full of Ghosts

(very) loose follow up to my other poem, "When it Rains Stardust" and also the title comes from an episode of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey"

I once read

that all human beings

are made of stardust.

Descendants of the universe itself,


our souls and bones and minds

are made of the same

as everything,

that ever existed before us.


And this is why


is filled with nothing

but ghosts.


For when we die

we are only

reborn again

as stars.


And dead souls

from every corner

of the universe

spend their eternities


wandering between 

the dreams

and hopes

of the universe.


 And the truth is,

death is far less


when you know


your rebirth,

could be the greatest

thing this universe

has ever seen.

The End

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