A Single Teardrop

A sad realisation...

I remember that it was a sunny day

I didn’t expect things to turn out that way.

From nowhere, completely from out of the blue

You said it’s over and that we’re through

I thought that we were of a mind:

Meant to be; two of a kind.

Happy together, forever and always:

A united team ‘til the end of our days.

Where did it change, start to go wrong:

Have you been feeling this way for long?

What stopped you speaking-up before?

Do you really not love me anymore?

I cannot believe this is really happening:

You want to return your engagement ring?

Call off the wedding and the honeymoon?

It feels like you can’t get away too soon.

Dear God, how can you be so cruel and mean?

This is a side of you I’ve never previously seen!

Whatever did I do to you to earn this nastiness?

It’s a complete mystery to me, I must confess.

I watch as you turn to say your last goodbye

A solitary teardrop slips from your right eye.

As you wipe it away I realise something new:

A single teardrop is all I ever meant to you.

The End

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