A simple question

blue clouds in a white sky
burn my head as i dive
into a dry lake.
then confusion hits me.
like the green vase
that removed itself
from the top of the cupboard
in an attempt to dive into my face.

your hand seemed to encourage
it in its collision course with the
left half of my triangular head.
it was words uttered under
your breath that made me see
just how easy it was for an
elephant to mate with a squirrel.

or was it the angel that told me that?
I'm not sure. i must ask my underpants
when i collect them tomorrow from
the jewellers. i heard you you know?    
complaining to the fairies about
how slowly i cooked the panda.

well i hope you are satisfied.
is that an accurate description
of what you believe goes on
inside my head?

The End

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