A Silver Tounge To Explain A Silver LiningMature

do you remember the days filled with smiles/ the ones where you still loved me, regardless of the miles/ Desolte and alone my soul has become/ I have no idea where to come from, to maybe fix us even a little bit/ This might just be it/ your finally saying the words "i quit"/ Im at a loss for words i know im shit/ A lyrics ridden page is all thats left to my name/ i wish we could just go back to being the same, but you enjoy the game/ ill head in a nose dive towards fame/ a regret of losing you hanging over my head/ you still smile every day, just with someone new instead/ ill have companions of booze and feelings of dread/ to think i could've kept you, god i was a fool/ im a complete wreck and you know it/ you play me like a violin and then smash me to shit/ trying to take the gun out of my mouth/ but this seems like the only way out/ to end this fucking pain/ i neither lose nor gain/ its all black/ it no longer matters what i lack/ just another day choking this air down/ trying to replace this same old frown, thats stretched across my aging face/ ill cut it there just in case/ now my eyes bleed and my heart ceases to beat/ taking another breath is my biggest feat/ the static of the radio now deafens me/ while the blood i cry doesnt allow me to see/ so now you leave me utterly breathless, OH!/ Strangled by your lies, these plagiarized words that you continue to force feed me, OH!/ Ill consume the sea/ just as you consumed me/ drown in your own regrets/ blowing my brains out, i told you... Id b the first that forgets! Erase all the tainted memories poisoning your mind/ my throat tightens as your deceit chokes me out/ broken hands and gouged out eyes is all you'll find/ i know you've always been victim to your own doubt, about every choice you've ever made/ Im staggering as my guts spill out/ its time that the sins prices are paid/ my limbs rip off thanks to this permeated flesh, decayed and turning to dust/ look closely at my wrists to see if the cuts are fresh, why the fuck is it only my heart that turns to rust/ Am i the only one who loves? whiles all others only want lust?
The End

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